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Trial SPM or Eid Day ? }
Sunday, 28 July 2013 | 7:29 pm | 0Comment

Assalamualaikum ya ukhti ya akhi .Hello fellow friends .quiet a long time I haven't updating my blog .Idk why suddenly today I felt the urge to write out about Trial & Eid .so ,I wanna ask you first ,which one would you choose ? is it Trial or maybe Eid ? for non-muslims ,I know you guys got no problem with it .but for muslims ,it is quite confusing tho .I'm sure many of you doesn't know how to manage our time properly as we have to study and prepare for Eid .but I got some tips for you guys .Here are the tips that you could follow :

1. Starting from now ,a week before Eid ,you guys should make sure that all of your new clothes ,shoes ,accessories and so on already prepared .Why ? Because you don't have to think about it again and again plus you have a week to study for trial and you already done for 'balik kampung' .

2. Then ,you guys should think which one come first in the future .Does your Trial's result much more important than others or Eid is the most important one ? For me and most of Form 5 students ,we think that Trial should come first .Although people might say , "Alaa ,trial je kot .tak payah nak gelabah sgt" ,we still should think how it's gonna affect us especially when we face the real SPM .

3. Spent most of your time by reading & memorizing the facts .This is for those who take the science stream .*We are team guys .you guys should try to memorize the important facts and do not miss out any of it .Why ? Because the questions could be in objectives ,subjectives and essays .

 Besides that ,our History subject require us to memorize it *the goverment ,not the book .You know ,it is quite confusing ,boring & sleepy sometimes but it is good for our knowledge .We can actually know the facts and not rumours .But I'm still not agree with paper 3 .it's killing me sometimes .

4. Then ,like usual ,we must do revisions again and again and again and again .Why ? Because we need practice in our life .Without practice ,we will never learn our own mistakes .this tip is for Maths ,Add Maths ,Physics & Chemistry subjects .We need to memorize some of the formula *especially Add Math ,and try to find the solution by our own .DO .NOT .LOOK .AT .THE .ANSWERS .BEFORE .YOU .DO .THE .QUESTIONS .why ?cause most of us tend to look the answer before do the question .You know ,it will never help you so much .Idk if there's person who could do like that.

So ,I think I'm done with le' tips .I'm so sorry IF i got grammatically wrong in my words but seriously ,I'm not really care about it in my blog .just in my blog .I hope you guys like it but if you don't ,it's okay .I'm not mad at all :) .Okay ,good luck for your exam and do not enjoy Eid really much okay .Assalamualaikum :)

Gomawo // Syukran