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" I would rather wear hijab & spend my time with my cats than wasting my time for hours in the saloon "
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Sunday, 26 January 2014 | 9:11 pm | 3Comment

Hijab means a veil that covers the head & chest .Hijab means to cover your beautiful curly brown hair or your black & shiny long hair .Yes ,we all know what's the meaning of hijab .But ,how many of us know the the REAL meaning of hijab ?Hijab is not only 'bout cover your hair .Hijab means your dignity ,pride & religion .Generally speaking ,people nowadays take it easy 'bout this very very very important thing .Especially the women who we called as Muslimah .So ,what's the meaning of Muslimah ?Muslimah is refer to women who lives with Islam's religion ,follow all the guide & rules in Islam and never let their dignity & pride ruin by any type of men in this world before they get married .So ,as Muslimah ,you should take this responsibility in a very serious way .I repeat ,SERIOUS way .What you should do is wear a scarf or veil .It could be bawal ,shawls ,pashmina ,niqab ,purdah but make sure it cover your hair ,neck & chest and it also is not rarely .Second ,you have to wear clothes that does not fit your body .If your size is S ,so you should change it to M.This is to make sure that men will not stare at you especially your body & wanting you to give up your principle as a woman .Thirdly ,you should wear handsocks & socks .Fourth ,you should change your mind ,attitude & conversation in Islam way so that you could be bless by Him ,Allah The Almighty .Lastly ,remember Rasulullah SAW's sunnah ?If you remember ,you should start follow his sunnah .If you don't know ,you have to learn .So guys ,you see that hijab means overall .It begin with wearing the right scarf & right clothes ,then right attitude and lastly ,the right sunnah .As Muslimah ,we should start to change .We all live on this earth just for temporarily .Before everything is too late ,change now .

Gomawo // Syukran