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R.O.B.O.C.O.P . - Is it REAL ?}
Friday, 31 January 2014 | 2:14 am | 0Comment

Hi readers .today #Robocop 2014 is trending number 2  for the whole day !wow .seems like people start to watch back this hero .I guess many people waiting for his comeback right ?Okay ,I'm gonna share with you who is Robocop & why people start to talks about him .

  1. A short synopsis :-
In RoboCop, the year is 2029 and multinational conglomerate OmniCorp is at the center of robot technology. Their drones are winning American wars around the globe and now they want to bring this technology to the home front. Alex Murphy is a loving husband, father and good cop doing his best to stem the tide of crime and corruption in Detroit. After he is critically injured in the line of duty, OmniCorp utilizes their remarkable science of robotics to save Alexs life. He returns to the streets of his beloved city with amazing new abilities, but with issues a regular man has never had to face before.

so ,now you guys know that Robocop wasn't the hero's name .The hero is Alex Murphy (Joel Kinnaman) which actually a police detective who is injured in an explosion and transformed into the cyborg RoboCop. But he was lucky because there's a doctor who known as Dr. Dennett Norton (Gary Oldman) saved his life .He is a Chief Scientist of OmniCorp Foundation that creates RoboCop .Alex is a man inside the machine who pursuing justice for his people .

Now you guys know a little bit about Robocop right ?It is REAL but just in FILM .so ,let's watch it guys & have fun :)

Gomawo // Syukran