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PMS : 100 Feelings to Describe "The Pain"}
Sunday, 2 March 2014 | 8:02 pm | 8Comment

Hey guys .I would like to share with you guys about how hard it is to overcome the 'PMS' .For girls like me ,I'm having the PMS every month and I swear to you that it is such a pain .I would rather called it as 'The Pain' .Girls should know about this .If you don't know ,you better open the Form 5 textbook and search this word .First and foremost ,I'm sure most of us know the real definition of PMS right ?But for those who still have no idea what's the actual meaning and cannot understand this PMS word ,I'll explain to you .

PMS is a collection of emotional symptoms with or without physically which is related to a woman's menstrual cycle .Usually ,women that suffers the PMS will having difficulty on doing their daily chores like usual .They would probably surrounding with unstable emotions that makes everything that they are doing wasn't right for them .

  1. SYMPTOMS : 
Girls will having various kind of uncontrol emotions like mood swings and insomnia .In this period of time ,they will easily get angry ,stress ,anxiety or probably prefer to be alone .Some of them also will having headache and fatigue .But MOST of the women in Malaysia usually having physical symptoms like cramps and joint / muscle pain .

That's why when you suddenly saw your sister or your female friend do some unusual things ,you should check or ask her why she behave like that .I'm sure they would probably having the PMS which is The Pain .Every girls in this world hate it .So ,in my opinion ,you guys especially MEN have to understand your girlfriend ,sisters and maybe your mom *I think so* cause they need you to understand them .It wasn't their fault if they behave strangely .YOU .HAVE .TO .BE .PATIENT .STAY CALM AND RESPECT THE GIRLS .If many people understand this ,I'm pretty much sure that there is no misunderstood happens between each of us .Build the happiness and peace by respect and understand each other .I hope you guys understand my opinion   .

Gomawo // Syukran