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Chapter 2 : 365 Days of 2014}
Monday, 24 February 2014 | 4:42 pm | 2Comment

Hey guys .How was your day today ?Is it shine bright like a sun or raining heavily ?hmm ,I better choose the second one .I'm not going to tell you what is wrong with me .No need to share cause it might be worse than I could never imagine .But don't worry ,I'm fine ,everyone is fine .I just wanna right something that could make everyone smiles .I wish for it .I pray everyday ,asking Allah SWT to always remind me that this life is too short to make people around me becomes sad ,moody or lonely because of me .So ,I need to always move on to cheer up people who are so close to me .Whatever kind of help that they asking for me ,I'll try my best to help them .The important thing is SINCERITY .That's all I want in my life .Money or happiness ?nahh ,I already have that one .I'm blessed ,thankful and grateful with every little things that He has given to me .Although sometimes I have to face and struggle in this life on my own determination ,I'm okay and in fact ,I'm happy with it cause no one will know about it .I really do not want any person know what kind of problem that I've face .I hope this secret will remain the same until the end of my life .Hopefully ,Insya Allah .I always remind myself "La Tahzan ,Innallaha Ma'ana" .I also keep remember this word ,"Hasbunallah wa ni'mal wakiil" .Yes ,"Man jadda wa jadda" .I do remember all of this word from Allah SWT .This make my day shining like a star between the moon 

Gomawo // Syukran