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18th Day : Remembering #MH370 .Keep praying .}
Tuesday, 25 March 2014 | 3:17 pm | 2Comment

Heyy readers .First and foremost ,I would like to apologize to you guys who recently and oftenly visit my blog .I am sorry  for not visit back yaa .I am quite busy so I hope you guys understand me 

  • The MH370
As you guys know ,today is the 18th Day for the mission searching for the aircraft MH370 .My first reaction when I know & heard about this sad news ,I was shocked cause the incident is really tragic .Can you imagine being one of the passengers & crew ?Can you ?For me ,the answer is NO .Although they may be some people who thought that I could face this tragedy alone ,they might be wrong .Only ALLAH SWT knows everything .
  • Believe in Qadha' & Qadr
Dear ukhti wa akhi ,in this short life ,one of the very important things that we need to believe is Qadha' and Qadr .What is Qadha' and Qadr ?It' means believe that everything happens for a reason .It could also happens maybe for thousands of reason .Allah SWT had planned everything since we were born .HE knows everything .What we need to do is keep praying and praying and praying .

  • Repent 
Why should I ask you guys to repent ?Why ?Because it might be one of the reason why Allah SWT doesn't show us the solution to this problem .Maybe because of us this tragedy happens .I also urge you guys to repent before Allah SWT call us .Life is too short my dear .Let us take this tragedy as a lesson ,a really big lesson for us .Do not make any false or fake speculations that will hurt the families of the passengers and the crews of MH370 .

  • Be Strong
To all of the passengers and crews families' ,I would like to say that I am so sad for what had happened recently to you guys .I know that I can't ever imagine if I have to face this tragedy .Keep praying the best for your sons ,daughters ,brothers and sisters out there .If they still alive ,alhamdulillah .I believe that they are trying their best to come back to you guys .But if they already gone ,I am sure that they've tried their best to save their life and struggling hard to come back to you .Always istighfar and remember Allah SWT .HE is the ONLY ONE who LOVES THEM more than you guys .Stay strong and believe in Qadha' and Qadr

Gomawo // Syukran