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Liebster Award Nomination }
Thursday, 1 May 2014 | 7:17 pm | 6Comment

Happy holiday dear blogger .What a great day for me today .Heeee .Tiba-tiba tergerak hati nak blogging & guess what ,I was tag and nominated for Liebster Award by Mellya ! Saya tak tahu pun award ni ada since I semi-hiatus ber-blogging .But happy bila ada yang sudi tag saya .Thanks sis Mellya *clap* .

Rules for those yang terpilih : 
  • Mention the person who nominated you with a link to their blog
  • Answer the 11 questions asked
  • Nominate 11 other bloggers with a smaller following but with lots of potential
  • Create 11 of your own questions for them to answer
  • Notify your nominate
Mellya's Questions  :
  1. Tell me about your first crush. (Who, When, What do you like about him/her)
Okay ,his name is Fatih .I've crushed on him since last year .Heee .I'm a bit shy to tell you about this but he's already got married and really popular young al-hafiz .I like his voices when he recites the Al-Quran  and he's a good looking man .Just crush on him .Not more than that :)
  1. Since when you had started "blogging"?
 Since I was in Form 3 .Well ,people starts talking about blogging thing so, I started to join it .It is one of 'Teen Famous Things To Do' *I called it like that yaww*
  1. 3 Favourite Songs.
 Kau Harus Ada by Hujan Growl by Exo Young Girls by Bruno Mars
  1. 3 Favourite Bloggers.
 Anis Nurulee Nurhafzan
  1. Your favourite quotes (1 atleast).
 Hasbunallah wa ni'mal wakiil which means "Allah SWT is sufficient for us and He is our Guardian" La Tahzan ,Innallaha Ma'ana which means "Don't be sad ,indeed Allah is with us."

  1. I am an Ailurophobia. What about you? Your phobias? Check here PHOBIALIST
 I am afraid with the sea .Thalassophobia = Fear of the sea
  1. What do you do during weekend?
 Watching Running Man ,Korean Drama *every night actually ,hehe* and spent time with my lovely sweety happy family 
  1. When I sing, I sound like ..................
I sound like Najwa Latif ! It will be one of the best thing ever if it is true .Heee  
  1. Who is your inspiration in life?
Parents .I've learn many things from them and I really appreciate them plus respect them for theirhardwork of raising their childrens .
  1. What are your special abilities that you are proud of? ( 2 atleast)
I am able to guess what kind of a person especially boys and read their mind by just looking at their face .I'm a psychic *I guess*  I am able to do any kind of work for the whole day without having my own breakfast ,lunch and dinner .
  1. What do you think about me :)
You are gorgeous ,super talented and awesome .You're such a beautiful young woman 

The nominess are:
  1. N O K T A H by Anna 96
  1. _nrlee by Nurulee
  1. anis by Anis
  1. Cik Lisa by Cik Lisa
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Please answer following questions made by myself .Heee :
What would you do if someone put a trash bag in front of your house ?
Do you love beach ? Whether it is YES or NO ,just give me TWO reasons due to your answer .
If you are a student ,what kind uniform that you like to wear ?Like Korean student or etc ?
Describe your dream guy.
Give me TWO places that you've dream to visit before .
Does blogging is a part of your life ?Explain it .
Which one is the most important thing to you ?Food or Love ?
I love Japanese food expecially sushi .Do you love it too or not ?Explain .
Between Matriculation ,Diploma and Fundamental (Asasi) ,which one you prefer the most ?Explain .I'm a catslover .How about you ?
Do you have trauma or phobia ?Explain .
p/s : Alhamdulillah selesai .Hihi .Jangan marah ye saya tanya macam-macam soalan .It's random .Heee .Kalau tak faham ,direct tanya kat cbox or comment post okay .Gomawo 

Gomawo // Syukran