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Liebster Award - Questions From Jassarah Syafiya & Anis}
Thursday, 8 May 2014 | 11:08 pm | 0Comment

Thanks to Jassarah Syafiyah & Anis for tagging me too  .Heee .Okay ,nampaknya post ni agak panjang laa ye .Kalau rasa tak nak baca sampai habis pun tak mengapa ,saya cuma jalankan tanggungjawab saya sebagai blogger yg bertauliah *hohoho* .
Questions from Jassarah :
  1. Who is your best friends?
 Mai ,Nurul ,Shila ,Zila ,Zubaidah ,Zati .They are my sweetheart ,my supporters and my heroes .Heee.
  1. Who you love?
 People who cares about me ,sincerely be there for me and always support me plus love me .Of course they are my family & friends
  1. Do you are a cat lover ?Why ?
 Oh yess ,I'm a catlover *screaming* .Hehe .It's so obvious right ?I love them b'cause they are so adorable ,fluffy and naughty and lovely
  1. What do you do when you are so bored?
 Listening to the music ,watching korean dramas and eat .
  1. Can you make one doodle for me?
  I'll try cause I'm quite busy lately 
  1. Are you love doodle?
 Yes but sometimes it's quite irritating cause I'm still learn it .But seriously doodle are very cute things to do . *peace*
  1. Describe me *Jassarah*
 For me ,you are very creative girl ,talented ,love cute things like me *hiho* & such a nice and lovely girl  
  1. Describe yourself
 Simple ,love vintage japanese korean style ,catslover ,chocolate lover ,very friendly and talks a lot .
  1. What is the best thing you like at my blog? 
 YOUR HEADER & DOODLE.That's why I start to follow you .Kind of big stalker *hohoho*
  1. Do you love singing?
 Yes yes yes .
  1. What is your favourite storybook?
 Not a very booknerd .I prefer comics before so ,I like Kaoru's Cake House & Strawberry Vampires .But now I prefer The Perks of Being A Wallflower .

Questions from Anis :
  1. What's your favourite colour?
 Pastel colours especially green ,pink ,purple ,peach and blue .Hee 
  1. Do you have sweater? #SweaterWether
 I do have sweater tapi bukan #sweaterwether laa kan .Hihoo 
  1. What's your hobby? 
 Watch korean drama ,movie seram ,main game ,blogging ,menyanyi syok sendiri .Hehehe
  1. Will you exposed your blog to friends/family and stragers? why?
 I don't really care if friends/family read any posts in my blog .I do want them to look my blog .Sharing is caring laa kot .Sebab tuu tak heran sgt .
  1. What's your dream guy?
 A guy who can love me like they don't care about others .Sanggup jaga bila sakit .Paling penting dapat bimbing sampai ke syurga ,Insya Allah 
  1. Do you wear make up?
 Nooo but sometimes ada la pakai juga tapi bila ada event penting je .Hari biasa mcm biasa .
  1. Did anyone ever call you fat/ugly and etc?
 My sista .Saja dengki dia tu .Depan-depan alhamdulillah takde yg kutuk mcm tu .Belakang cerita tak tau pulak .Tapi kalau ada pun buat tak tau je laa .Remember this "Wear to please Allah ,not human" *peace* .
  1. Did you like to read my blog? (honest!)
 I like ! Hey ,you're my favourite one okay 
  1. Describe my blog.
 Kind of personal but there's benefit of sharing your story .Ada tutorial yg berguna untuk para blogger .But mostly it's all about you but I like it  
  1. What kind of person are you?
 Simple ,love vintage japanese korean style ,catslover ,chocolate lover ,very friendly and talks a lot .I'm nice girl *peace*
  1. Do you feell insecure? 
 There's a time when I suddenly felt insecure .I hate it but I keep reminding myself that I have Allah SWT so, the feeling of insecure will slowly go away from me .Alhamdulillah  

p/s : Alhamdulillah ,done answering those questions .Hope you guys accept my answers and no turn back okay .Haha .See ya 

Gomawo // Syukran