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Hiatus .Sob sob :(}
Saturday, 24 May 2014 | 8:26 am | 1Comment

Hello guys  .I'm sorry cause I don't reply your messages yet .Today I will reply all of them.Actually I've continue further my studies as a Form 6 student .So ,lately I'm so busy and yet don't have much time to spend for blogging .I know I'm being unfair with you guys .That's why I'm so sad cause I've got to leave you guys for a while .I'll be back soon on this holiday but just for a short period .Then ...I'll be busy ..again . *huwaaaa* .

Being a Form 6 student is not an easy job to do .You've got to learn everything that you've never learn before .I swear to you it is so complex and full of information that you never learn ,never know it before .
Many teachers look down towards us .Idk why they behave in that way .I .Hate .It .But that's normal for me cause I've been facing all those things since I was in form 1 .So ,I guess there's no need to be worry again .

It's hard for me to leave you guys ,my super awesome follower even for 1 year and a half .I just hope you guys will give me your support .I'll update this blog if I really have much free time .Hope you guys won't get frustrated with me .I love you guys cause you guys are just like my friends  .Thanks a lot for everything guys .Yaaa ,it's hard to leave this cutie blog for now .Feel free if you guys want to use my freebies or tuto .Last but not least ,never lose hope on me .AND NEVER SAY GOODBYE .See you soon ! 

Gomawo // Syukran